What venues do your company use?

Our Company use a number of Exclusive top class venues across Ireland that are guaranteed to ensure the best night for your debs. Contact us today and we can give you more information on our top of the range venues.

What are the committee perks?

From free tickets and champagne showers to an exclusive VIP area at the event or VIP transport to your venue, the list of committee perks is endless. VIP Packages for committee members can be customized to suit your needs! Contact DEBSireland.COM today and we will give you more details!

What happens my Lost & Found items?

Any Lost & Found from your Debs night is collected by DEBSireland.COM staff only. No items left at a Debs event are handed over to the venue at any stage! Just head over to the Lost& Found section of our website and fill out your details. If your item(s) has been found, we will email and let you know.

I lost my debs ticket what should I do?

DON’T PANIC!!!! Just contact a member of your deb's committee, explain to them what has happened and ask them for your ticket number (they keep a record of this) let us know you’ve lost your ticket and give us your ticket number and the event manager will explain procedures to you!

How much is the deposit and when is it due?

The deposit varies for each school but it is usually due within one week of booking your date and venue. Your Debs date is not secured until your deposit is paid in full.

Is there a limit on the amount of Debs tickets you can purchase?

The Debs committee have the final say on the amount of tickets each student can purchase.

How do the debs committee get a helicopter?

There are a variety of perks available to the debs committee including a helicopter to your debs, give us a ring today or discuss it at your next meeting with your DEBSireland.COM staff member.

Can I get a refund?

Debs tickets are non-refundable for the most part. There are some exceptions. For more details please see our T&C on www.debsireland.com

What time does the Debs finish?

DEBSireland.COM is the only company in Ireland that guarantee your night to continue right through until 6am!

How much is an Average Debs ticket?

Ticket prices start from as little as €50 but packages are built completely around your budget. You can add as much or as little as you’d like! Contact us or fill out our “Quote form” today to find out more.

Do you need ID to gain Admission?

You just need your ticket to gain access to the event but we do advise ID to be brought on the night in case of an emergency.

Can Parents/teachers attend the event?

Of Course!! The more the merrier! Speak to a member of the DEBSireland.COM team to go through some of the options available for teachers and parents!

Do we need a minimum number for a Debs?

Although some of our venues have minimum capacity requirements, we have venues that cater for all sizes. Contact a member of our sales team today to find out more.

Do you have to bring a date to your debs?

No. You are welcome to bring anyone to your debs from your BFF to Channing Tatum or no one at all! Plenty of people attend our events as a group of friends or flying solo! Whatever works for you!

How can we view the different venues?

Just give us a ring and we will arrange a day to collect the committee and take you guys out to view some of our exclusive venues. There will be a sales representative to greet you at each venue and talk you through the different packages available. There is no cost or obligation on any of our viewings, just come and see what we have available!