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Theme Nights

Fancy a night at the Oscars? Or a Masquerade Ball?

Oscars Theme Night

Get ready for the glitz and glam of the Oscars. As you strut down the red carpet you’ll truly experience the sensation of being a true A-Lister and hopefully your lucky enough to win one of our coveted Oscar awards.

All about Oscars Theme Night

<em>Oscars</em> Theme Night

James Bond Theme Night

Step into a world of intrigue and sophistication at our James bond themed night. Walk the red carpet in your finest tux or elegant gown, sip on a shaken-not-stirred martini and try your luck on the roulette wheel, it’s a night of espionage, excitement, and bond worthy sophistication you won’t want to miss.

All about James Bond Theme Night

<em>James Bond</em> Theme Night

Great Gatsby Theme Night

Transport yourself to the roaring twenties with our great Gatsby themed night. The evening is a whirlwind of dazzling art deco, timeless glamour and Champagne flowing like a river. Get ready to party like it’s the Gatsby era!

All about Great Gatsby Theme Night

<em>Great Gatsby</em> Theme Night

Candy Land Theme Night

Indulge your sweet tooth and join us for a Candy theme night that everyone loves. Guests can savour an array of treats from candy carts to candy floss, donut walls to popcorn machines and Candy flavoured cocktails, it’s a night of pure sugar bliss.

All about Candy Land Theme Night

<em>Candy Land</em> Theme Night

Masquerade Theme Night

Experience a night of mystery and elegance with the Masquerade themed night. Immerse yourself in a evening of candlelit ambiance and exquisite décor where personal Masks add an extra layer of intrigue.

All about Masquerade Theme Night

<em>Masquerade</em> Theme Night

Casino Theme Night

Join us for a thrilling Casino Theme’d night where Las Vegas comes to life.

Try your luck at Blackjack, Roulette, and poker tables for a chance to win drink vouchers, shots and much more.
Roll the dice and let the games begin!!

All about Casino Theme Night

<em>Casino</em> Theme Night

Carnival Theme Night

Step right up and experience the Magic of a Carnival themed night. Enjoy classic carnival games like ring toss and high strike and indulge in the candy floss and popcorn. It’s a night of nostalgia, fun and delicious treats.

All about Carnival Theme Night

<em>Carnival</em> Theme Night

Bespoke Themes

Want something unique and tailor made? Let us craft a theme to suit your desires offering a one of a kind experience designed just for you.

All about Bespoke Themes

<em>Bespoke</em> Themes