Theme Nights

Fancy a night at the Oscars?? Or a Masquerade Ball?

Oscars Theme Night

The moment you step out of your limo and onto the plush red carpet you will know that this is an exclusive event. The life-size Oscars will sparkle down at you from their pedestals and the VIP security complete with shades will guide you towards your free champagne reception.“Hollywood stars” will mingle with you throughout your debs and they are always willing to have their photo taken with you. A candle lit dinner surrounded by the stars adds a touch of class and romance to your night. A glitzy Oscar award ceremony finishes off the meal with a splash of humour.

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James Bond Theme Night

Our Bond theme incorporates features from Casino Royale. As soon as you step out of your Aston Martin MI6 agents wearing shades and holding handguns will greet you on the red carpet.
Daniel Craig, Halle Berry and the other Bond stars surround you while you dine in a candle light setting
The dining room will be fully decorated in the James Bond theme including the stage and podium where the award ceremony takes place.

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Masquerade Theme Night

You will be greeted on the red carpet by glowing lanterns and flickering oil burners throwing shadows on huge mask statuettes. The enchanting mood is carried on into the dining room where candles dance their light on tables to reveal free masks for every debutante.

Masquerade Theme Night >

Casino Theme Night

Try your luck and shake things up in the nightclub section of your night by filling the club with different casino style games including Poker, Black Jack, 21’s and Craps… No money exchanges hands, all betting is free and there will be tons of prizes to be won on the night.. Possibly the only casino in the world where we guarantee you cannot lose!

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Carnival Theme Night

An entire set of traditional carnival games will transform the nightclub into a childhood memory (or a cheesy American film). Imagine the last final scene from Grease (without John Travolta in those black skinny jeans) or the carnival that rolls into your local town every year (without the dodgy cups and saucers that make you sick). Win a teddy for your date, impress the squad with your high-strike score #irishfitfam or even snack on our candy floss and popcorn treats!

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Candy Land Theme Night

You’ll think your California dreaming when you step into the candy themed wonderland we’ll have laid out for you, Sweet dreams are 100% made of this. All the best décor from the Katy Perry video, get your picture taken with none other than Bertie Bassett and the sweetest part?? Every person gets a party favour including a mixture of all your favourite childhood sweets.

Candy Land Theme Night >

Medieval Theme Night

Don’t worry, no men in tights here! Knights in armor will greet you at the end of the red carpet where they will point you towards your free drinks reception or you may decide to linger and have your photo taken in the ‘stocks’ or alongside our medieval knight on horseback.
Dinner is, of course, by candlelight and this together with our full Medieval décor creates an enchanted and royal evening for everyone.

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Bespoke Themes

Haven’t seen anything you like yet? That’s never a problem with DEBSireland.COM. Whatever theme you’ve imagined we can create it for your debs night! Again you can set the budget and trust that as “theme specialists” we will make your décor dreams come true!

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